Events and Catering

Whether it’s a family wedding, trade show for your business, local food festival or cookery demo, Plant Based Pirate is here for you. Get the peace of mind that comes from having a professional chef and event manager working for your business or event, and get the results that you desire. Plant Based Pirate can co-ordinate your foodie event and give you the level of support that you need the most, deliver top quality catering services, host fun and interactive cookery demos and presentations, and much much more.

Services include:

Menu and recipe development and costing

Sourcing of ingredients, staffing, equipment and booking of prime venues

Liaising with event organisers, clients and contractors

Troubleshooting, problem solving and crisis management

Ensuring legal compliance of documentation, records and process

Training of staff in best practice, food hygiene, health and safety and catering skills

Execution and delivery of premium catering service tailored to your needs

Get in touch using the contact form below to find out how Plant Based Pirate can help you run the event you’ve always dreamed of,  whether it’s for your business or for a personal engagement.