Plant Based 101

A workshop for the beginners, the transitioners, the vegan curious and for those expert level chefs wanting expand their culinary repertoire away from the norm – in this class you’ll learn the foundations of plant based cuisine.

We will cover the basic essentials you need in your store cupboard to create a variety of delicious plant based meals and discover the accidentally vegan ingredients and supermarket finds that make plant based eating a breeze. Learn how to transition into eating more plant based foods safely and healthily without compromising on satisfaction or flavour with some myth busting facts about nutrition and how to easily veganise your favourite dishes.

Put together some easy and tasty ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner, using the ingredients we have found and learn some tips and tricks for being vegan at work, when out and about, on holiday and entertaining.

You will come away from this class having practiced some quick and easy breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes, and had the opportunity to try a range of ingredients to find your new favourites. You will leave with a recipe book of food from the day and bursting with lots of tips, tricks and vital info to inspire you with the confidence to create lots of plant based meals of your own.

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